An Insider’s Look at the “Make Room” exhibit at the ACC show in Baltimore

beforeBefore, a 10×10 box.

This past February, Paula Henry asked me to create a piece for her “Make Room” exhibit at the ACC show in Baltimore. Its essentially a “white box challenge” where designers are offered a few pieces by artists exhibiting in the show.

paula acc

The finished room.

Paula chose the cocktail table and two chairs to inspire her design. In addition, they were given a theme; this year’s being “Entertainment.” To add to this theme, I decided to do a dynamic painting of glasses and bottles in a limited color palette to convey the feeling of celebration and excitement.

the partyThe piece measures 36″x48″. It is currently available. (can be hung vertically also.)

paula with the mayorWe had a great time, even the mayor stopped by!

me, gael, paulaGael Summerhill of Summerhill Cabinets, Paula Henry of Simply Put Interiors, and myself.

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